Jesse Smet


Hello, I’m Jesse Smet, owner and operator of JHS Web Solutions. I received my bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University Of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I created JHS Web Solutions as an opportunity for me to design and create professional looking websites for small businesses in a cost effective manner. I currently specialize in creating websites for small companies in the Germantown, Menomonee Falls, and the rest of South Eastern Wisconsin.

How it all began

The idea of starting JHS Web Solutions came to me one day when searching for miniature golf courses on Google Maps. Google Maps returned a list of courses around my area, but many of them didn’t have a website. Since I didn’t want to drive to a course just to find it to be run down or bland, I decided to go to a course that had a website where I could see additional information, prices, and pictures of the course. Sure, it was a little farther drive, but I at least knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I began to realize that this is how I discovered a lot of new places like restaurants, comedy clubs, campgrounds, and the list goes on. I thought to myself, “If only some of the other places closer to me had websites, they might have had my business”. A few months later, I founded JHS Web Solutions as an opportunity for me to provide small business owners with a low costing professional website to make their company more visible and set them apart from other companies.

2015 JHS Web Solutions